Import scale wrong

There are tutorials on this, if I understand exactly what you’re asking.

The problem is that AE’s corner pin effect uses coordinates based on the size of the layer it’s applied to, not the composition – that is, Mocha is coming up with pixel positions based on the background shot you tracked, whereas in AE you are applying the Corner Pin to the replacement layer, not the background shot – and unless the replacement layer’s dimensions are exactly the same as the original background, the coordinates dont’t match and your object doesn’t track to the same 4 points on screen as you set in Mocha.

One solution to just make sure the replacement layer’s size matches the background shot’s :slight_smile: However that is almost never the case (for me). But one way to do it is to pre-compose the replacement layer in AE, and set the precomp’s size to be the same as the background shot; Then paste the corner pin data onto the precomp’d layer in your main composite. You can then adjust the contents of the precomp to suit the composite (or even animate the contents, etc.)

However I don’t often find this method ideal because the proportions of my replacement layer aren’t usually that of the composite as a whole, and it’s difficult to have to keep going into the precomp to stretch the element(s) blindly and flip back to the main composite to check what you did.

So, the second method is what I usually do, which is to simply move the layer into the correct position after pasting on the Corner Pin data. You’ll notice that when you paste them on and scrub through your animation, the tracking seems to move correctly, it’s just in the wrong place on the screen as a whole. Just move the position of the layer until it lines up correctly and it should track properly throughout the shot.