Import Shapes from one Mocha Project to another?

IIRC, in AE, it seems I could select a few shapes then open Mocha Pro and those shapes would import into Mocha. Is there a way to do this in Fusion? (I’m trying to use the same circle shape across multiple clips without having to recreate in Mocha for each clip so they are all the same size)

If not, is there a way to use the Mocha tracking info with a single frame shape so it will move with the track? I’ve tried to “Connect To” but it doesn’t seem to work. I can get it to work by it


You could always make a template in AE with several layers for your same shapes and then use a corner pin to drive them, then use those as track mattes in AE, that could work.

Or build shapes in Fusion and use corner pins for the same.

Would that work for what you are trying to do?


Hi, if you can apply/open Mocha in Fusion, you could Export Project in the orig AE Mocha, then Open or Merge that into the Mocha in Fusion?

Thanks Mary! Was trying to use shapes in Fusion and corner pins to get them to move, but it wasn’t working. Shortly before your response I finally I figured out the corner pin node wasn’t connected like they should have been (amateur mistake, I think I shift-disconnected it without realizing it). They were all lined up straight and looked like they were connected correctly, but in fact the corner pin node wasn’t connected inline. :man_facepalming:
Now, as you mentioned, I can copy the shape between shots and use corner pin/match move to align them correctly (I still have to eyeball their placement, but the track is correct)
Thanks again for taking the time and confirming!

I couldn’t find any way to import or merge files/shapes in Mocha Fusion. I don’t use AE anymore, I just remember there was an easy way to bring shapes back into Mocha by selecting or something similar, then I could link those to the tracking info and send out of Mocha back into AE with tracking info.

I think Mary’s point was spot on (and seems even easier in Fusion), in that I can use the same shapes and just connect to the new tracking info for each shot.

Thanks for replying!

The problem with using Mocha files and importing the same shapes in, is by merging projects you’re also merging settings and not all shots have the same exact settings and frame lengths. So the corner pin is probably a better solution in this particular instance.

Happy to help.


When you open Mocha in Fusion does it not have a Merge or Open project in the tabs at the top, but as @maryp says the shots would have to match the orig footage :+1: