Imported mocha mask/shape not moving

I made a shape mask in Mocha AE CC. After selecting “export shape data” and copying it to the clipboard, I go back to After Effects to “paste mocha mask”.

Unfortunately it only shows the mask of the first frame, not of all the other frames I did in Mocha. In Mocha I see a fluent mask that changes its shape. In AE I see just one frame.

How can I copy the mask data of all the frames I did to the clipboard?

Are you using a trimmed clip in the AE timeline?
Mocha pads the clip frames to the beginning of the clip, so your shape is probably animated, but just further up the timeline.
If this is the case, double click the layer to go into footage mode first, then paste the mocha mask to the beginning of the layer timeline. When you go back to your comp, it should line up.

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Thank you so much, that solved my problem!