Importing a holdout


I was wondering if there’s any way I can import an image sequence into Mocha Pro with the intention of using it as a holdout.

I have a screen that I would like to planar track and my mask to hold out the FG character is inside of Nuke.

I would like to export (.png, .exr, .tiff) a sequence rather than doing another roto on the character inside of Mocha.

Also, I cannot find a workflow to create an “.sfx” silhouette shape out of a roto from Nuke.

Please advise

Thank you,


You can bring in a black & white image sequence as a hold out matte.
Find under Layer properties:
Matte Clip > Import

As far as the other question. I do not believe that you Silhouette can open a NUKE roto shape, but it can open a .SSF roto format. There is also some scripts that do this, but I can not vouch for them:

Lastly, here is the link to the SIlhouette forum:

Hope this helps:

Sometimes users get tripped up in that you need to make a shape layer first before you bring in a matte for that layer. It can be any shape, anywhere on the screen, but you have to have that shape before you can use layer properties to bring in the matte. I like using the square x-spline shape and drawing a square anywhere before loading in my matte. The spline will then disappear and you can see your matte as an overlay as long as you have mattes visible.