Importing A Mask

Is it possible or will it be possible to import a mask to use in optics.

I use photoshop to do postwork on 3d renders. So as good as ezmask is, a lot of the time it would still be easier to use a mask created from my 3d software.


Welcome James. You can’t load masks into Optics yet. If it did, what would your expectation be? Should Optics load the 1) layer mask 2) selection 3) alpha channel or 4) an external file that contains the alpha?

Would be nice if once it gets imported, it would work with Optics blur and opacity functions. Since these do a good job of blending effect layers. Other than that I have no preference.

Thanks for your input.

How about a dialog we can navigate to in order to access an already saved Alpha channel.

Example: I work with Pixelsquid 3d objects all the time. I can open that layered Smart Object, select an already in-place mask its author included there and save it as a titled Alpha channel – to the ‘parent’ file (also open at the time) – from the drop-down PS provides when you want to ‘Save Selection’. Then, with that 3D object (smart object) closed, afterward simply navigate to ‘Load Selection’, choose what I saved earlier and run with it as I move along editing complex composite photo illustrations!

Also – if ‘marco’ is a company representative here on the forum: How often do you guys build-in feature requests/app tweaks that folks who purchase a ‘new license’ will see? And that license… that lasts how long? Are we investing in ‘Optics’ as it continues to evolve over time? Thx. mm

All Boris FX products are periodically updated. There is at least 1 major feature release a year as well as minor releases sprinkled throughout the year. If you purchase a subscription license, you will always receive the most recent version during your subscription period. If you purchase a permanent license, you will receive free upgrades for a period of a year. After a year, your license will continue to work, but you will not receive new versions unless you pay a yearly upgrade and support fee. The upgrade and support fee is normally a nominal fee based on a percentage of the original purchase price.

I think the preference would be to load either a Photoshop selection, Photoshop Layer Mask or the alpha channel for the layer Optics is applied to. Our programmers will have to see what the Photoshop SDK makes available to us.

Terrific Marco; thanks for passing that along.