Importing a Matte Clip: only last frame of png sequence is importing


Hi everyone,
im fairly new to Mocha Pro and was following along with the Mary Poplin’s awesome tutorial ’ Mocha Pro: Solving Complex Object Removes’ using my own footage of a busy freeway.

I successfully exported out my roto shapes of cars as rendered shapes into a png image sequence, (using this naming convention ‘car_roto_25’ etc) however when I try to import the ‘roto shape’ png image sequence back in through the Matte Clip pull down menu (as per 01:19 in the tutorial), I only seem to be importing the last image from the roto shapes image sequence.

I should note I have set Project In/Out points in my timeline so my Matte clip is a render of frame 477 to 583. Perhaps this is an issue?

Im sure Ive overlooked a step, can someone please point me in the right direction?

Hopefully this is enough information, and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Loving learning Mocha Pro!



Hi Gareth, this is a bug that we have a fix for in the next point release. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will have this fixed soon.


Hi Mary
thanks for the super quick reply! Is the bug affecting all image sequence formats when importing a matte clip? Im still finding my way in Mocha, so if there is an alternative method I could try when rotoing out lots of cars for a remove?

Also thanks for putting out really concise and easy to follow tutorials. Your explanations about why you are doing things a particular way, really helps in understanding the process and thinking.



Yes, right now it only shows the first frame. But I think it is only a visual bug, what happens when you try to track underneath the matte?