Importing Dozens of Clips Workflow

I’m just learning about Mocha working with another editor and deciding if it meets our needs. So far, I’m very impressed with what it can do even without the deep knowledge.

The title isn’t exactly clear, but my scenario is this. I have a Premiere sequence that has a few minutes of clips that all need a similar edit. As you can imagine, these clips are from much larger shots and have their own in and out points for the desired shot. In order to keep these shot native (MXF files with a QT wrapper), I’d like to be able to get these clips into Mocha to track some shapes and paste back into Premiere. I don’t see a way that Mocha imports XML files (like Final Cut to Premiere) so all the clips show up as edited or something similar.

Obviously we could export each clip (or the whole sequence) and track each section with many different layers, then go back to Premiere, but that seems clunky. Any ideas on a better workflow?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, unless you’re roundtripping them into AE and from AE into mocha, there’s not a better way. Your best bet is creating your track on your trimmed and rendered clips. That being said, we are working on a version of mocha that should operate as a plugin, but that’s available soon when V5 comes out, but unavailable right now.

For less hiccups in your comp, I’d use a rendered, trimmed clip. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the reply. Version 5 sounds interesting indeed. Would I be able to purchase Mocha Pro as a download via this site or do I have to find it out in the wild?

So you mentioned AE and round-tripping. I see where you’re going. I just set this up and I have a sequence that’s 8:31:01 that includes a ton of clips.

Firstly, I know certain programs like AE, aren’t well suited for long-form projects. How does Mocha Pro handle something of this length? From what I’ve learned, we can set up folders in Mocha to keep things organized and just track from in point to out point for each clip. Then either export one big-honkin’ set of shapes over to Premiere, or clip-to-clip.

This workflow sound right to you, oh queen of the tracks?

You can find mocha right here on our site, but the V5 version is not out yet:

That project sounds pretty long. Like After Effects, we are not suited to super long projects either and we are, in general, built for a shot by shot workflow. You absolutely can set up folders for mocha to keep things organized and just track from in point to out point for each clip. And yes, then you can either export one big-honkin’ set of shapes over to Premiere via mocha Plus or mocha Pro, but a clip-to-clip workflow in a compositing tool is better.

In general, we were originally built for a studio environment where shots are processed post-edit, in clips, and recombined and finaled once VFX are completed. As workflows evolve, we are trying to evolve with them, but we are not quite as geared towards long-form editing projects for V4, the V5 mocha plugin solves a lot of these problems. That being said, it can be done with V4, but it requires a little bit of organization.



Sweet. This particular job is long, but it’s fairly simple. Car footage where there are holes in the bumper from the plates. My test runs were successful. basic track with a three small shapes layer linked to it. A simple gaussian blur took car of the problem in Premiere. I love Mocha and want to learn as much as I can. I see many uses in the future.

Thanks for you help. I’m sure I’ll be posting back soon when I’m all set up.

Oh yeah, for blurs and color corrects you’re going to FLY through that stuff! I am so glad it’s working for you. :slight_smile:

One more question on this topic, so I set up an AE project and imported the Premiere project (with the proper sequence selected which contains all the clips). When I hit Track In Mocha, it opens Mocha, but doesn’t seem to recognize the file in that there is no Import Clip (just a slash), from 0 to 0 and it thinks it’s a PAL format.

Maybe I misunderstood your workaround?

If this doesn’t work, then I guess I’ll have to render out the 8 mins. and use that.

This clip looks like it will only take about 9 min. to render out so I’ll just go that route. Thanks again.

So I’ve run into a problem. I’m being organized with my layers. So my footage is a couple dozen clips of a car driving along. I tracked the logo for each clip, made my shapes and linked each shape to the proper track layer. Easy workflow. I decided to do a test before I spent too long tracking everything. Since this footage is rendered-out as a single clip, I’d like to export all the shape data at the same time and paste once in Premiere. So far, I’m only getting one at a time no matter what I select. If I try all then I only get the top layer. If I select the first two, then I only get the second layer.

I’m sure I’m missing something. Any ideas?

Screen shot of layer setup.


Just in your export, maybe sure you check all visible or all layers, they should all export at once then.

This is interesting.

  1. If I select all layers, it works but I also get my tracking layers as shapes.
  2. If I only select the actual shape layers (Mask) and choose Selected Layers, only the top group gets exported.
  3. If I turn folders and tracking layers OFF, select all and choose All Visible Layers, it works.
A bug maybe?

One last (yeah right!) question on this. Is there something I can do in Mocha so when I get my keyframes in Premeire, it sees the in and out points of each layer and translates that info to the Opacity options? Right now, I get everything I setup, but I would have to manually keyframe Opacity in Premiere from 0 to 100 and 100 to 0 fore each set of keyframes. I know my clip is really long, but if I had one short clip with many rotosplines spread out, I would have the same tedious problem. I’m only saying not to complain, but since great results are relatively easy to get in Mocha, this seems like an over site.

Thanks agin for all of your help.

Hi Alex,

OK, I will check the functionality of that, but it may be that you have visibility turned off at the root level of that folder.

As to the in and out points in premiere, I don’t know that there’s much we can do about that. I will check with our dev team and see if that’s a premiere issue or something we can put in the export.