Importing issues

Im getting this when i import anything.
It comes up all blurred and its only on a few frames then black screen.
so frustrating…
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If you don’t have QuickTime 7 installed in utilities, just drag it into a new comp in AE and render it to a new format.

Hi Skelatorrr,
1.2.3 does have some issues with QuickTime in Snow Leopard and beyond. This is due to a change in the way QuickTime handles certain things in those systems. This has been fixed in later versions of mocha.
In order for you to handle QuickTime on that version it is best to convert it to a format like Animation.
Alternatively try use an image sequence instead, which will avoid QuickTime altogether.
Keep in mind you do not need to use the same footage in mocha as the final output in your composite,as mocha is just tracking the data.
If you’d prefer something slightly more robust, i’d recommend upgrading to our standalone version, which also gives you roto:

Hi There,
I need a few more answers before I can diagnose this issue. What kind of files are you trying to import? Is your quicktime software up to date? Are your video card drivers up to date? And can you send us the error log under mocha>help>view log?

thanks so much for the advice ill give animation a try. is it ever go on discount thats a little steep for me at the moment :eek:

ive tried .mov .mp4 sequence
my quicktime version is 10(128)
im on a mac with ATI Radeon HD 4850
Image: (ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs)

…i also see that my mocha is 1.2.3
i think thats an old build… :frowning:

how do i export as an animation?