Importing lower thirds to avid

Hey I’m curious, is it possible to import editable lower thirds and opening titles into avid with bcc title studio or so?
We made these in After Effects and now we want to use them in Avid. We have already exported it as Quicktime with alpha channel.
We use it as 5 layers with 3 animations and two titles. It’s complicated to explain, but this is how we do it.
So we have for every lower third 5 layers.

Is there another way to do it?
Maybe an easier and faster way?

Hi, can you just Save Project As in TS, that project will then open in any TS in any host?
whether it matches the media it’s applied to would depend on the media its was created on in the first place i guess.

What means TS?

TS = Title Studio

The problem is that I don’t know how to import pre-made footage into Title Studio.

I don’t know what you mean ‘pre-made footage’
If it’s a Title Studio preset that is added in the host it can be opened Title Studio & edited, it then can be Save Project As in the File menu,
If it’s something you have created in Title Studio it’s the same, Save Project As in the File menu,
then in any host you can apply Title Studio or the standalone version , in the File menu Open Project.

can you share Full screen shots of the host timeline & full screen Title Studio.? use the arrow at the top of a new comment.

By pre-made footage I mean I created the lower third in After Effects and want to import it into Title Studio.
In a video form with alpha channel

@Harex This is confusing. If you created your lower third in After Effects, why would you want to import it into Title Studio? Why not just put it on the Avid timeline? If you want to import a video file into Title Studio in order to edit it, then you can’t do this. The only way you can use a video in Title Studio is to apply the TS effect to it in your host, and it’s not editable anyway.
Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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@Jack_S Yeah, i’m pretty sure you’re right but yesterday i had a look anyway,
you can import an image file but not video,
same here, hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong,
@Harex Swapping hosts you’re going to have to rebuild the project, an After Effects project won’t load into Avid & you can’t create that project using TS then transfer it over to Avid,
you could maybe import an image file then animate it in TS, but like Jack_S says why not just use the ‘pre-made footage’ you’ve already spent time on & rebuild it in Avid?

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Continuing the discussion from Importing lower thirds to avid:
It does not have to be TS.
It should only facilitate the import of the lower third.
As described at the top, we use 5 different layers for each lower third. (I can send a screenshot if I’m at work tomorrow)
It would be much easier if we could just change what we want to change and then the lower third is updated automatically.
Or make the changes somewhere else and then drag and drop it into the avid timeline.
Or do it using an effect.

Well, since there are presets that have the extension bsp, isn’t there a way to create a bsp preset in After Effects and then export it to TS?
If not then I’m surprised that there is no way to use graphics from After Effect. Especially since there is also TS for After Effect… :thinking: