Importing Mocha AE tracks to Mocha Pro problem

Hi, working in Mocha AE plugin, I did an extensive auto/manual track and then had to move over to MochaPro to use the remove module. But opening the MochaAE project in MochaPro shows the track slipping!

I applied the MochaPro plugin directly to the same video layer I used for the MochaAE track, nothing has changed in AE.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that MochaPro has a new AdjustTracker module and that is messing up my old school AdjustTrack keyframes-- I can actually see them jumping around while they shouldn’t be.

Please advise.

SOLUTION: For better or worse, I was correct. Downgraded to version 7.5.2 before the new AdjustTracker module was introduced and the MochaAE project seems to be opening fine.

Mary, can you suggest a more practical solution?


Mocha AE still uses the old Adjust Track data. Let me see if I can repeat this and let @martinb know.

Thanks. Having another problem which may be connected to this. The shot is a dolly along a hallway wall, so track gets pretty distorted towards the end. The grid insert looks good throughout, but the tracking shape gets really wacky and inverted at the end. This is now causing problems with replace module, as it will not replace past the point of inversion. Trying to delete the end tracking points freezes the app.

CLARIFICATION: I don’t think the inversion is the issue here, although it is a cumbersome bug that happens when working with a highly warped track. There is no inversion in the MochaAE project or when importing into MochaPro, it is something that appears if over-extending the mask shape.

This sounds like a surface or shape going behind the camera issue. How much Z space movement (perspective) is happening in the shot?

Yes camera moves in towards the object on the wall quite a bit. So how to work with that?

In general, you need to work with smaller shapes or surfaces to make this not happen. I’d have to see the shot.

Sure, replacing the letters on the wall with a logo:

I got it to work by making sure my mask shape never got too big as it went off screen.
But was unfortunately surprised how poorly Mocha auto-tracked the letters. Had to do it frame-by-frame with AdjustTrack. Any tips for next time?

Yes, next time solve for the lens warp first and that should do wonders for making it track better. I can see how much those letters are curving, so no flat track is going to hang onto that perfectly, you need to account for the lens warp.

I am glad you got it fixed, however.

Thanks for the tip Mary. Does the lens warp in mocha only account for lens curvature or does it also account for rectilinear stretching as well? The limited test I’ve done on my footage with the module did not seem to correct for the extreme warping on this particular lens.

It’s basically only as good as the information you feed it, I didn’t see many good straight lines to pull from in this. So your results will vary unless you shoot a grid.

Gotcha that’s clear, but does it in fact work with rectilinear wide angle lenses or just standard and fisheye?

Regular barrel distortion (one parameter), more extreme distortion (fisheye, two parameter), and anamorphic should all be supported.