Importing MTS/convert to tiff sequence?

Hello! I need to get some footage into Mocha Pro to work with. Problem is that I am working with an MTS file. Is the best way to deal with this to convert it to a tiff sequence? If so, will this compress it at all or change its quality? And how would I go about doing this? Also, once I’m finished working with it in Mocha, I am going to be editing in Final Cut. What would be the best way to export it out as to do that? Thanks so much.



Thank you for your response. That sounds good. How would I go about actually converting to a tiff or dpx sequence?

If you convert it to TIFFs or DPX, you should not lose quality. You can still export it as a sequence and bring it into final cut with no issues, or you can save it out as an uncompressed quicktime.

You can use either a compositing or editing software and changer the render output, or you can use a converted like adobe media converter or similar.