Importing old particle illusion stuff into afx version


does anyone know how to import the old emitter libraries and use your old ip3 (particle illusion) standalone project files into the new version inside Continuum???

thanks in advance

Hi, Arby,

You might want to review the “Emitter Libraries” section in the Particle Illusion docs found here, although note that we are still in the process of updating the docs for the newly released Continuum 2019.5 update:

In a nutshell though, the factory emitter libraries are installed here:
On Mac:
/Library/Application Support/BorisFX/EmitterLibraries
On Windows:

Or if you are using Continuum 2019.5 or higher there is also a new folder for editable custom emitter libraries which can be found here:
On Mac:
/Library/Application Support/BorisFX/UserEmitterLibraries
On Windows:

If you are using Continuum 2019.5 or higher then the UserEmitterLibraries is the better choice since libraries in that folder can be updated/customized. Note if you do update emitter libraries in Continuum 2019.5, they will no longer be openable in the legacy pi3 app, however, so back them up as necessary before editing them. All your emitter libraries form pi3 should open fine in the new Continuum 2019 and 2019.5 Particle Illusion versions. However, pi3 project files are not officially supported in the new version.


thanks i’ve figured out how to get all my old libraries in now

1 more question (at the mo)

is there any way of converting or importing my old particle illusion project files into the new version?

masny thanks

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