Importing png file - Avid


trying to import a png text file into the Avid version. The file seems to be squashed when I import. Even if I do not run a track. I’m guessing I have missed a process out?


Hi there,

That sounds like a problem with the import you’re bringing into Avid and not within mocha. Can you be more specific about your process?



I mark an area to track. E.g persons head lets say. before I track, I import a png file which is a title. (does the same after tracking too) I then scale the title up as it is scaled within the persons head in the planar box… we want to to follow the person. The title is slightly squashed once I scale it up. It kind of happens with this tutorial too. This is the video when the windows graphic gets imported onto the screen. You can see that its slightly squashed at around 5.50 when she swaps the graphics.

Hope this makes sense! I’m probably doing this wrong?

Just having a look at a few more tutorials. Maybe I need to look at the source and rescale manually? Would I use the planar as a template for my .png graphic to go into? (its a two line piece of text) I t just seems to be very squashed even if it does fit within the planar. Its fine within Photoshop. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong! Hope you can help!

Hi Chris,

I think you should just be able to “unsquash” it by changing the surface tool. It’s likely just that your surface tool isn’t at the proper ratio. You can manually adjust it.