Importing RED effects to Continuum?

I have a huge library of Boris RED effects created through many years.
Is there any way to transfer those effects to BCC 11?
RED can export its effects to a file outside the editing host (Avid MCP 8.9.3 on Win7 in my case).
But is there any way to import those files into a Continuum effect?

Hi! Continuum and RED are different products and come from totally different code bases and therefore (unfortunately) you cannot export settings from RED and read them into Continuum. RED does however include a great many filters from an older version of Continuum and these filters have a preset mechanism that can be used to export the filter settings to a .bsp file and this file can be read by the corresponding filter in Continuum. Cheers, Peter.

I understand the code differences between BCC and RED - but still I recognize many of the same basic concepts in the two programs.
I’m probably not the only RED user through many years that isnow switching over to BCC. No new version of RED is coming from you, whereas BCC gets a lot of very cool new features. Therefore I’m probably not the only customer who has a huge library of RED effects that now needs to be recreated in BCC. Being able to export/import as much as possible of these effects from RED to BCC would be a huge help in that transition. Even if only parts of the effects do nto survive the transition it would still be very helpful.
As a matter of fact it would be a huge selling point for you at Boris if you can help customers to see an easy transition to BCC.