Importing Silhouette projects into Mocha

Hi Mary!

Having an issue here importing .sfx files into Mocha.

When using “Import Shapes…” with an .sfx file I am getting the layer names without any spline data.

I have tried “baking” the shapes in Silhouette first by exporting them as as .ssf and then re-importing them into Silhouette. This gets the splines into Mocha, but they seem to be corrupted.

Any ideas on what else I can try?



Oh, weird, you’re going to have to send me that SFX file to test because I am unsure of why this is becoming corrupted. Email me at maryp at borisfx dot com.


Was this ever resolved? I’m trying to import from Silhouette 2020.5.2 into Mocha 2020.5.2 and I just see the empty folders for each layer and no splines. In Silhouette the project starts at frame 1001 and I matched the same start frame in Mocha but no luck.

I am going to tag @Martinb and see.

Wow thank you for the quick reply. I will email you the file now.

The Silhouette file you sent me is empty, so that might be the problem.

Hi Danny, there are a few limitations for the SFX import into Mocha:

  • B-splines are not supported. Only X-Splines and Beziers can be used
  • Nested layers beyond a single level are not supported

In your screengrab, it looks like you are solely using B-Splines, which is why it is probably not working.
We have a feature request to add B-spline support in a later version but don’t support it yet.

Looking at the documentation it appears we don’t mention this, which is an error on my part. I’ll make sure it’s documented next time.

Hello Martinb,

I am trying to do the same by bringing in silhouette shapes into Mocha. I followed the above rules:

I only used Beziers.

All shapes nested in a single layer (because of the trackers.)

The project setup is exactly 1:1 with silhouettes session settings and mochas project settings.

However, I am getting the exact same error as [dhackenburg_ed8f7-2].

The version of Mocha I am using is: Version 5.6.0 build 1601.gcc41335b663b
Build Date Feb 2 2018.

Please let me know if there are any other specifications needed in order for this to be successful?

Adnan Siddique
Roto Supervisor
Stereo D

Hey Adnan,

What version of Silhouette are you importing from? If it’s v7.5 or later, are you using the compressed file format?

Silhouette V6.1.2.

No compressed file, it is the straight sfx project which I am doing a File>Import Shapes in Mocha.


Is it possible for you to share the project file with us directly so we can take a look?

I’m sorry, I would have to get permission from my superiors for that due to NDAs, securities, etc. I will have to reach out to them for that.

My only other suggestion at this stage is to see if you can open the same file in the v7.5.1 trial to see if there’s a defect in the older version.
v5.6.0 is quite old now so we’ve fixed a lot of bugs in the interim.

I have tried our older version v5.2v15 and got the same result. I have reached out to my superiors for permission to share the file.

The alternative is to create a dummy file on blank footage where you see the same problem.