Importing single frame issue


I am explaining an instance where I have two individual frames of the same shot in a folder (frame 10 & 30). I want to use that to paint some areas but I need to import both frames separately so that I can connect that into input 1 and 2 respectively into a paint node.
so here, when I import the frame 10 alone, sequentially its getting imported(10-33), But when I imported frame 33, Its getting imported as single frame.

Am I missing something here or is it a bug?

-using Silhouette 2020.0.3-

@askmadlookz Using 2020.5.5, import works as follows:
Select the first frame in a clip: Imports the entire clip
Select a range of frames: Imports the selected range of frames
Select any single frame other than the first frame: Imports only that frame

Note: You can also use the Sequence Editor to cut a larger clip into individual frames and then use those in the Trees window.

Just in case, If I want to import only the first frame, whats the best way?
I mean, in my question itself like, I have two frames inside my folder frame 10 and 33. I am able to import single frame for 30 but if I try frame 10, along with that frame30 imports

same like Nuke, If we have a framehold node, Then there is no point of importing it different. Its way too easy!

@askmadlookz Becaause you only have 2 frames in the folder, selecting the first frame imports both frames since it considers it the whole clip.

2020.5 added a Hold node, but currently it only works if your Session starts at frame 1. This is changing in the next point release so that the Session can start on any frame.

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