Importing .ssf file to Fusion 6.4

I have a problem on one machine and can’t figure this out. Importing .ssf file to Fusion 6.4.

  1. I export my shape data as .ssf

  2. I import in Fusion to a poly line mask by right clicking on viewer

  3. I get the track but no mask

I try this on 8 other machines and it works fine but my machine, no luck

I try importing as a shape and I get the track and shape data but the the scale and position is off.


Any help would be appreciated


Which method are you using to import the shapes? Just creating the polyline and importing the ssf data?

Just so you know, in V5 we will have a native shape export to Fusion by pasting. If you’re interested in trying the beta, email me: martinb [at]imagineersystems{dot} com


  1. I create a polyline mask in Fusion

  2. Right click on viewer, select my poly line mask and import ssf shape data

Result: I get the track but no mask is apparent




  2. Select my saved shape data from Mocha

Result: The mask and the track come in but the scale and center orientation are off.

What variable are at work when looking at preferences?

Both ways work on other machines at work and on my machine at home. In both Fusion 6.4 and 7.