Importing Video into Particle Illusion Standalone

Hello, I’m trying to Load a Video in Particle Illusion Standalone to add EFX to but It’s grayed out!!!

To load video you have to use the plugin version.

Oh well that’s why it’s Free.
Can’t use it!

You can use it… and import the file into your editor. Of course, you won’t have the fine tuning as a plugin.
This is just teaser to show what the plugin is capable of.

Are background stills not usable as well?

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You are correct - that’s exclusive to the plugin.

After importing the file into the editor (Vegas) you should write about the lack of registration. How is it possible?

How much is the plugin version?

Well I’m hoping ultimately, you also bring back the fully functioning standalone version as well.


For those who want fully-functioning Standalone – do you not use video editing software? The workflow of bringing video into Particle Illusion and doing a final render out of PI is very limiting. There are so many advantages to compositing the PI rendered particles in another app for finishing, and there are several options for great, free editing apps these days.

Just curious, as I try to understand the needs of all users of Particle Illusion.


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@Alan_Lorence @PeterMcAuley something that might be a big benefit if someone wants to composite PI output with other elements is if they could specify that an image be used for the background on the stage. That would make alignment that much easier. Though perhaps that’s getting a little too close to plugin behavior.

When the time comes, only the PI elements would be rendered and the user would have to composite the output as normal.

@markliles1 The key to what Alan is talking about is getting your fx set up just the way you want it, rendering the fx to a file and compositing that in your video editor. If you need more complex behaviors, purchasing the plugin might be necessary.

I would guess it’s 100% cost (people not wanting to spend the money of Boris), and remembering that the old pI was quite cheap. There is no other advantage and, as you say, lots of disadvantages.


Ra-ey: What I meant was HitFilm (free) or Resolve (free) for editing, PI (free) for rendered particle elements. Gives you compositing modes, effects, a myriad of output formats, etc.

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Sure, my concern is lack of support for my “love at the moment” video editor; I use Davinci / Fusion Studio, Edius v8, (and in the past AfterFX CS6 and Vegas 12 Suite), and finally Hitfilm (ahem, for the particles and smoke vfx) - now if PI plugin works properly with those then fine.

Back in the day with my PI v3 standalone license, I believe I was able to load background video in the timeline and work on top of that - mind you, its been a good, long minute…

I could reinstall it, but I was looking forward to a refreshed / updated version that works well with Win10 etc.

This video tutorial shows a trick of how you can load a still frame to use as reference:

Jump to about 8:15.



@Alan_Lorence clever workaround :slight_smile:

I agree, but I do miss the original PI’s ability to bring in video or still sequences. I may still consider reinstalling the original PI. I’m running windows 8,1.

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I would purchase a standalone version that can load video background like in PI 3. If the plugin version could run as a standalone, that would be great!

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I have the plugin for Vegas Pro, and the Standalone comes with it, but Composite over Source frame or video is grayed out.
Of course I can do the compositing in Vegas, but there are times I would like to be able to do it in the Standalone.
I would think computer resources might work better that way… I could be wrong. But having to open Vegas each time to use PI, well… maybe in an update we will be able to have the option of using it for either Standalone or plugin.

Composite over Source Frame or Video is only available when you apply the Particle Illusion effect in your host, then launch Particle Illusion from that effect (by clicking the “Launch Particle Illusion” button).

Then the Composite over source options are available.