Importing Video into Particle Illusion Standalone

RE: That trick in the video to bring in a still frame.
If you took a video clip and rendered it out to a series of png or jpeg files, and had them all numbered sequentially, PI could then bring that in as an animated custom sprite, yes?
I personally haven’t tried doing exactly that yet, but I DID just figure out how to import my own png sequence for animated sprites. So I assume that would work with a series of still images from a video clip.

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In theory it would work, but I’m not sure what would happen when PI had to deal with a huge number of very large sprites. Might be extremely slow. If you saved a project file with that it would be huge!

Worth experimenting, but don’t be surprised if there are problems. :slight_smile:

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WOOT! It worked. I started a new thread about it.

hi alan,

i think one of the greatest reasons for the old particle standalone version was that you coul use it without haveing a big budget for expansive nle software. yes some of them are free now (resolve for example). but still the learning curve for this software is not so easy. i do know alot of people still working with starter nle´s (like pinnacle studio, corel video studio, etc.)

i think the would also buy a standalone version with those features

HELLO, just wanted to say again:
THANK YOU!!! I LOVE THE Stand alone version is very Nice!
I used it with my 3D animation, it’s truly GREAT!

Well there are workarounds doing this with the free versions as told by others, but that is for everyone individually to discover/ utilize or not.