In and Outpoint with Export Shape data

Hi there,

Mocha for AE: version 4.0.1
AE -CC: version Version

I have following isue:

  1. In mocha I track different objects, shapes and I’m Using In and Out points per layer (per shape). So In and out is not the first and last frame of the clip.
  2. I export the Shape data and checking ‘All visible layers’ and copy to clipboard.
  3. Pasting the shapes in AE by using ‘/EDIT/PASTING MOCHA MASK’ so the data is imported as Mask into my layer. NOT CMD-V since I want to have the feather option in AE
  4. The masks are nicely imported, BUT not the IN and OUT points of every individual mask. I think it should have impact on the Opacity of that mask (eq. 100% with in-point or 0% at out-point.)
    I can do this manual but it takes much time this way.

What I’m doing wrong? Is there a way to solve this.

Hi there,

AE simply doesn’t respect those in and out points, your best bet is to move them offscreen in mocha instead of using in and out points. We are working to address this, but it really does have to do with the way the import data is read.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate it and I’m glad to have discovered the amazing Mocha software. it’s make tracking so much more easy.
I try the tip by placing the shapes off-screen.

best regards,
Bart A. Belgium

Here’s a handy workaround Bart: