In Mocha it is one way, in Premier another.

Help me solve this problem, here is the video link showing what happens.

There’s a lot going on here and I’d really suggest watching the “getting started with mocha” series. You’ve got some fundamental tracking problems that would be helped with some video training. :slight_smile:

Your track isn’t accurate, turn your surface tool and and track the screen with it on so you can see what the track is doing.

Your roto shape isn’t the track, it’s just a roto shape and it’s been animated to the screen. It’s where the track is looking. in this case it’s actually not helping the track because you’re tracking the entire screen including the occlusion where the guy walks over the front and also the reflections which will not give you an accurate planar data solve.

You need to hold out your guys who walk in front of the screen with garbage mattes at the top of your layer pile or you won’t be able to get a good track.

Your export for a screen should always be a corner pin and not a transform.

You can watch the getting started series here:

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