In/Out points on a clip, how to disable auto-zoom when reloading a project?

I just recently started setting in/out points to see how that might change/improve my workflow and was initially confused when I went back into a clip a few days later and Mocha had auto-zoomed into the area I’d set rather than showing me the full clip.

Is there any way to disable that behavior or do I just need to get in the habit of clicking on Zoom to Full Frame Range when opening Mocha?

If you’ve set in and out points, Mocha will remember them. If you need them larger definitely place the in and out points where you need them before you close the software. Or zoom back to the full frame range.

Thanks @maryp. It’s not the saving of the points that got me, it was the fact that Mocha doesn’t zoom in when the points are set but does when the project is reopened.

Sounds like it’s just a quirk I need to get used to :slightly_smiling_face: