Incorrect Pin Positions


I’m using the Mocha bundled with After Effects CS4 which is version 1.2.2

I’m tracking a psp that is held from a 3/4 angle. I tracked in Mocha and it’s perfect. But when I import the tracking data to AE, the footage is only slightly tilted and is not even close to what it’s suppose to look like.

As you can see from the picture, the footage that’s suppose to be on the screen isn’t even diagonal. I take a look at the tracking data and it results in the upper Y pins being the same or every close to each other. So does the problem like within Mocha? I set the resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio for Mocha and AE to be the same. But if Mocha’s giving out incorrect correct information before even importing it into AE, then I must be doing something wrong in Mocha.

I’ve also uploaded the video and project file.

Thank you.