Increase Edge Width across multiple keyframes

Hi, I frequently run into the issue where I successfully track a long clip, with lots of manually adjusted keyframes. When I fix the clean plates and see the output in After Effects, I often realize I should have used a larger edge feather on the X-Splines. But now I’ve got 30-50 keyframes, and I just want to “Add 3 Edge Width” (equivalent of clicking the + on Edge Width button), but I can’t find a way to apply it to all frames. Instead, I have to go to each keyframe and press the + button. Is there a way to apply an Edge Width expansion to the entire clip? Thank you.

Have you trying using the uber (U) key? That is suppose to apply what ever change you make to all keyframes.

Yes, Überkey is the thing to use here:

  1. Set Überkey on
  2. Change the edge width for the selected points
  3. Turn Überkey OFF (very important!)

You do not want to accidentally leave on Überkeyor it will change all your keyframes any time you make any other change.

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Okay got it. Thanks guys.