Influence of tracking


I’ve watched several getting started videos and haven’t yet come across workflows or procedures for handling tracked masks that end up off screen. For example I’m working on a shot with a car that drives off the frame, but the tracked mask starts deforming. Counter key framing these movements sometimes works a little, but I’m certain it’s not the optimal workflow.

  1. I tried a few combinations of solving techniques, and find that even when Translation is the only option checked, that my mask is still deforming while being pushed off screen.

  2. Is there a way of keying the influence of the tracked data, so that at a certain frame I can the disable the track and just keyframe the whole form off the screen.


When an objects starts to go offscreen, you have a few options. You can try to track another part of the plane (if it exists), or you can stop the track and finish the remaining movement with an animated mask.

For example, in this recent video of tracking a van, I do just that: I lose the track, so I unto the last track step and manually move the spline:

Basics of motion tracking and roto masks with mocha Plus and Premiere Pro from Imagineer Systems on Vimeo.

Thanks for the link, and the excellent tutorial. That coupled with deleting tracked keys in the graph editor set me in the right direction.