Input clip grayed out in stabilize module

I can track my clip fine in the track module but when I go to the stabilize module the clip name is grayed out, although I can see it well enough to see it is the right clip name-

Can you tell me what keeps the drop down from being active? Range and Output clips are also grayed out-

Problem solved when playhead was put at start of clip- thanks

Well, I thought that did it- but after tracking a bit more- moving to the Stab. module and returning the play head to start of clip leaves the input clip selection grayed out- Tange and output selections grayed out also



Can you show me a screen grab of the setup?

When i try to include the screen grab in this window- (where it show up perfectly) I get an error message saying “you cannot submit an empty form” or some such-

I have tied repeatedly to send a JPEG screen grab ( which shows up fine in The post window) but cannot-

I’d like to get this issue resolved . Can you please give me further instructions? I cannot navigate to the desk top

with the attach window to identify the file- but dragging the file onto the window seems to work fine except that it won’t send-


Please email it to me: martinb[at]imagineersystems{dot}com