Insert Clip (default Grid8x8/logo etc) - not working or visible

Hi there !

My work has finally installed the latest version of MochaPro (2022.5 - 9.5.4 built 15), we’re on Linux (senior matchmove artist here, Mocha user since around 2013-ish).
And for some reason, when setting the insert clip from the layer properties on my planar surface to anything, typically the grid is what I use, it isn’t visible at all.

Since this is a totally new version to me, as we were on 4.1.3 for many years, I wonder if there’s a new option switched on/off that isn’t allowing me to view this ? :sweat_smile:

For obvious reasons I cannot show you what I’m working on :+1:.

Appreciate any pointers on this one !

Also I’ve just noticed, when I reopen the project, the 8x8 grid is visible - BUT as soon as I click on the layer itself, it vanishes and shows me the planar surface.

Found the ‘problem’ !

The ‘preview’ button in Preprocessing was on, which for some reason means you don’t see the insert clip.
All cool, now I know ! (was thanks to one of Mary’s vids that I was randomly watching :slight_smile: )

Great that you found out the solution already!
Maybe we should revisit it, and make it more clearer to users. Thanks for feedback, and have a nice time with the new Mocha version!

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