Insert Clip Opacity changes in 2020?

Apologies if this topic was discussed:
Many moons ago, older versions of mocha would need to render the frame in order to see transparency on insert images.

I was please to discover that at some point, 2018 , 2019 , I was able to add any image (or mocha logo) and adjust the opacity (via INSERT tab) in real time. Meaning, I can increase the transparency and the image would adjust WITHOUT having to hit RENDER FRAME. This was a HUGE time saver and gave immediate feedback. (I loved it!)

For some reason, in 2020, its back to the old ways and I have to render the frame to see my test image with transparency.

Am I going crazy or did Boris remove this feature?

We did take a lot of the composite tools out of the insert module, mostly because when it’s running as a plugin those options become more moot, and because they were a little crude.

However, we can add a feature request with the dev team. @martinb may have more insight.


Yes please, pass that along to the Dev team. Although I can’t believe that the workflow by comparison is debatable?

For example, currently, if you slap on a test pattern, you have to:
Adjust the opacity needed,
render the frames.
Locate any drifts, make adjustments to the track, (opacity is now lost)
Re adjust opacity settings , rerender the test pattern frames to see proper opacity.
repeat process as needed.

Slap on a test pattern, adjust opacity, and you’re good to go. adjust tracking as needed.
No need to keep rendering the frames after every adjustment.

Seems like a no brainer,
Unless my own workflow is wrong?
Thanks for the feedback!