Insert Clips not visible -

I’m working in Mocha Pro 2019 with Avid host. I have four different roto shapes, each with a different insert clip. After finishing the third insert, all three clips were visible together in the input window and they all tracked fine with the roto layer shapes. After I inserted the fourth shape, the other three disappeared.

In the clips tab, each of the four shapes show up and in the preview window, I can select each of them and they look correct. The link path in the clip tab shows the correct path. I tried deleting and reimporting and this also did not work. All of the layers are turned on in the layers window and yet, only the fourth insert clip is visible.

Am I missing something?

What happens when you render in Mocha and not in Avid? Do they disappear in Mocha too?

Well, the inserts don’t show up at all, even before you render. I went ahead and rendered each layer to see if that would change anything but, no. Good news though. I found a workaround which is to duplicate the layer.