Insert Module Doesn't De-Multiply Alpha channel at all

I have a TGA patch with alpha to insert onto the area of the image needing TLC. It came from PS. in PS if I leave the transparent areas empty I get a white fringe, if I fill a layer with black I get a black fringe. Mocha isn’t handling the de-multiply of the transparency at all. I eventually did the output in AE but I should of been able to output this directly from mocha pro 4.1.

Hi S,

From photoshop, sometimes you can get strange alphas for inserts (in most compositing programs). I get around this by making photoshop save out transparent PNGs instead of inserts with alphas.

Can you let me know if that works for you?


Hi - I’m using TGA as RGBA. I’m not using a separate matte image. TGA vs PNG shouldn’t make a difference…


Steve Oakley

Hi Steve,

I agree that it shouldn’t, but in my experience, it does make a difference. This is a photoshop thing, and it’s messed me up in comps before. Try it, and see. You want a transparent png, not a RGBA image.