Insert Module Mask Limitations?

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Hello. I am working with the insert module; inserting simple graphic PNG on a tracked layer into the surface tool dimensions. Works great, No big deal.

However, I have a subject that moves in front of this layer. I see that within the insert module there is the ability to designate a mocha layer to use as a mask. Ok cool; I created a new mocha layer around my subject to address this; this only partially solves the problem because there doesn’t appear to be the ability to feather the mask; unless I am missing something. So although I appear to be able to designate a single mocha layer within the insert module to use as a mask the result is sub optimal because the edges are too hard and it doens’t look real. Is there a way to feather this mask outside of the insert module? THank you for help.


Hi, Can you share a screen shot,
the Edge Properties - Edge Width on the lower left should let you feather your mask spline, or am i reading this wrong,

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Hi GID thanks for the response.

That is the look I am going for! When I tried to use the edge properties it was having absolutely no effect at all so I was wondering what was the story with that.

Apparently, simply twirling the edge properties and changing the value has zero effect; you actually need to hit “set”. Wow! I feel dumb thanks again for the help!


Yep the Set button throws me, a reset option would be nice or clearer :man_shrugging::joy:
You can add another spline to the existing layer using the options with + but that gets a bit awkward for me to separate the insert from the mask, i find it easier just to ad a separate mask layer/s

This is with an added spline but it only seems to feather inwards on the selected area :man_shrugging::exploding_head::joy:

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That is interesting!

Another thing I noticed with the insert module and masking is that you can either select a single layer to be a mask or “all” layers. It would be nice if you could pick and choose several layers as masks if you have multiple different objects obstructing your insert and then you could tweak those easier.


Yep, with All layers for masks & all the layers are set to Add, all the layers above the insert become masks, even if they are in groups, (don’t know about multiple groups), Layer order is important,
but each layer can be Inverted & the blend made set to Transparent & Subtract, this creates a mind boggling combination of options,
If the masks all move in the same way, they’re maybe better all in the same layer using the

  • option on the spline creation buttons, so you can just choose one layer in the Masks option, :exploding_head::man_shrugging::thinking::joy:

This is with All Layers as masks but the triangle is set to Trannsparent,

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In the insert module, if you’d like to use multiple layers as masks, use the “visibility” icon. When the Insert module is set to “Use All Layers” it will obey the visibility. HTH