Insert module not rendering correctly in Vegas Pro 17 although it's perfect on previewing within the timeline

When using the Insert function in Mocha Pro OFX Plugin 2020
Version 7.0.4 build 9, the insert module works perfectly when previewing in Vegas Pro 17 build 421. I have set up the Insert Track as the Parent of the Background Track and applied the Mocha Pro Plugin to the Custom Composite Mode of the Parent Track. However, when rendering the final output, irrespective whether it’s been rendered within the Mocha Insert Module or not, the Insert does not follow the track. This applies even when using the logo rather than inserting from the Parent Track.
I have tried this on my Windows 10 Workstation and my Windows 10 laptop and the problem is the same on both. I haven’t found any reference to this problem or a workaround, is there something I’m missing?
Thanks for any help,