Insert module - Output Layer

I have problems creating new output layer in Insert module.
The button “New” is active but when i click on it nothing happens.
Can anybody explain in simple steps a working procedure for creating new output layer?
Much appreciated!
The reason for this is if I want tho export different inserts with the same track layer. I want to name them differently.
Aside from that, any chances for updated offline manual. The current one is dated from 2010 and is pretty small for such piece of software. The online manual is also not very helpful :frowning:

Hi There,
Can you send me the log file and a screenshot? It might be that you are encountering a bug or your file is corrupted.
Also, our documentation is being worked on and updated for the next release, you’ll be happy to know.

The program is not crashing.
Simply the New button doesn’t work.
I forgot to mention that I use the 64 bit version, maybe that’s the reason.
That is why I was asking for a simple repeatable procedure that will generate a new output for a layer.
I can’t see anything about this in the manual, so maybe I am doing something wrong.
But still if I press the New button for the composite output, there is no problem with creating one.
As for the v3, I can’t wait to see the new features in action - 3D tracking will be great :slight_smile: