Insert Module with Cleanplate vs. Corner Pin AE

New user to the forum. I just watched Mary’s video from a few years ago where she used the Insert Module with a Clean Plate but she didn’t mention the pros and cons of using this method versus corner pin in AE. I was just curious if anyone had insight into when this method is preferable to others. Thanks!

Pros of using a corner pin in AE:
Renders faster, you have more control in your comp. Some people prefer working natively in the host without using another piece of software to interface with the host.
Cons of using a corner pin in AE: your resolutions of inserts have to match or it’s a minor pain to precomp and align inserts, motion blur has to be applied manually, masking has to be applied in another layer. You don’t have the ability to use a grid warp. Applying lens curve distortion to corner pins is a bit more of a manual process and you’d still want to use the Mocha Lens Plugin. You can’t really use oversized plates easily, so if you have a long panning matte painting it’s a real pain to match.

Pros of Using the Mocha Pro Insert Module:
What you see is what you get, you can align the insert directly inside of Mocha, motion blur is calculated for you, masks can be included as part of the insert, you can apply complex animated grid warps to match even difficult objects like logos on deforming t-shirts, lens distortion solved for in Mocha before you create your insert is always automatically applied to your insert. There’s no alignment fussiness. You can use oversized plates easily. It easily doubles your working speed.
Cons of using the Mocha Pro Insert Module: It doesn’t really render as fast as a straight up corner pin, you have to make adjustments in Mocha instead of in your comp.

I am sure I am missing some pros and cons, but that’s my opinion of the pros and cons.

Hope that helps!


Wow, this is a terrific answer. Very thorough. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Do you have any recommendations of tutorials or video you’ve done that uses the Insert module/Align surface method? As I said in my initial post, I watched the one with the sign from a few years ago. Thanks again : )

I do have a video specifically for mismatched resolutions here: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

Happy to help. :slight_smile:

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