Insert Module won't work when track is linked?


So I’m trying to do a replace-and-insert, like in your “How to Replace a Logo” tutorial.

Unfortunately, the Insert Module won’t insert anything.

I made one variation from the tutorial, which I think is the source of the problem: when making the “Logo Background” layer, I didn’t duplicate the “Logo” layer and then expand it.

Instead, I made the BG layer first, and tracked it. Then I made a new layer for just the Logo, making the spline shape hug tightly around the logo. Then I used “Link to Track,” and selected the BG layer. (I got this from the “How to Remove Objects and Logos” tutorial)

Now the inserts won’t show up!

Is there any way to make them insert, with this method? Or do I have to start over and do the BG-expansion method? Would be great to avoid doing all this work over again!

Thanks, and thank you so much for making a great product and great tutorials so far!!

Actually, I just tried the BG-expansion method… the Inserted Logo still didn’t show up…

It’s strange, because if I just make a new layer with a new shape, the Insert Module works perfectly with that!

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Are you using the surface to position the insert? Are you in the Track or Insert module when you’re doing this?