Insert not always appearing in timeline - Mocha Pro 6.0.2 + Premiere 13.0.3 [Windows 10]

Insert is hit and miss, I can see it perfectly fine in Mocha… all is tracked, but for some reason it does not appear on the timeline. When this happens I typically have to create a new project & render export from there, because copying the clips to new sequences, then tracking from scratch & adding the insert again does not fix this issue. This has been necessary at twice in one project.

Sometimes the insert becomes invisible inside mocha as well; it typically disappears after adding a new layer… then I cannot see it in the timeline either. It doesn’t matter what I do, making a new sequence and copying the clip doesn’t work, closing premiere doesn’t do it… rendering doesn’t do it, I have to make a new project and start from scratch to make the insert appear again. Export render & bring it into the final.

Do you have other effects or plugins applied to the same layer? We have seen some strange behavior specific to Adobe Premiere’s render pipe. I have found that nesting the layer in Premiere can help.

We are in contact with the Premiere team as these issues might not be Mocha specific.

Another (not great option) is to render inside Mocha and save the rendered clip to file. If all else fails, send the clip to AE?

No; i will consider nesting and see if that works asap, thanks!