Insert titles with VR insert in Davinci Resolve

With the VR Insert option of continuum it’s possible to place a logo (in Davinci resolve) in a 360 video so that the proportions of that logo remain good. Is it with this VR insert also possible to add titles without distortion in the final product?

Here is an excerpt from some updated documentation. If this doesn’t work for you please let us know - including details of how you are generating the title tracks.

“In Continuum 11.0.3 and higher the usage was simplified in Resolve to support the Apply to Insert workflow instead of the Apply to Background workflow. This means you no longer need to deal with Resolve’s multi-step process for making secondary layers accessible to an effect since the Apply to Insert workflow uses the host’s native compositing to blend the layers. You now apply VR Insert in the Color tab directly to the insert layer. Since the effect now generates an alpha channel and relies on Resolve to do the composite you must take the usual steps to instruct Resolve to preserve the alpha channel output by the effect. To do that you right click in the color pane and select “Add Alpha Output”, then connect the blue alpha output of the effect node to the main blue alpha output, and if necessary right click on the effect node and select “Use OFX Alpha”. Note that if the Insert layer itself has alpha (such as a logo or title with alpha), you also need to add the layer to itself as a matte layer to force Resolve to preserve the alpha input channel. Note that the Insert Layer menu and the Apply Mode menu will be grayed out in VR Insert since they are automatically set to the right values for this workflow in Resolve.”