Insert weirdness

I’m having a few different errors. 1) At times when I launch the plugin, it tells me that it can not access the insert files which are .png single frame files. I double check my storage and it is working fine with Avid and the Mac OS. I have not moved any source files so to fix the problem, I have to reinsert the same files from the same directory. Mocha accepts the new iteration but it calls the storage drive “G-Raid 1” when it’s always been “Raid”. I’ve had to do this several times at different sessions so, now I have lot’s of junk files in the insert drop down box. 2) Since then, I’ve gotten the Illegal Insert clip error and my insert files are gone from the GUI. I also have the “failed to compute the layer tomography”. Two of the three layers look fine when playing back with the surface and grid tools on but the 3rd layer does not show either of these overlays. 3) The track on this 3rd layer has been extremely finicky and I’ve had to resort to the adjust track tool which is also got weirdness; the movement of the surface does not coincide with the movement of the handles.

What is your host and what is your operating system?

The relink issue sounds like a network issue, not a mocha issue. Confirm that your machine is consistently reading the raid drive correctly with your IT department. And confirm Mocha has access to read files properly and it’s behind a custom firewall.

You can delete cleanplate clips in the clip tab so you don’t get clutter.

The last issues sound like tracking issues. Make sure you can see your surface tool for the entire length of the track, you might have the surface behind the camera and that will generate many errors as Mocha can’t calculate anything that moves “behind the camera” plane. Try tracking up to shear but not perspective if you are getting weirdness in your track, and maybe try redoing the adjust track, it sounds like it is incorrect.


Hi Mary,
Host: Avid Media Composer 8.8.2
OS 10.5.5
Storage: USB 3.0 Raid drive
This is the same drive that I’m using for the cache folder and there is no error regarding access to the cache folder. I’ve been using this same setup for the last couple weeks with no issues, even in Mocha. Firewall is disabled. I changed the drive permissions for “everyone” to read and write just in case it’s some kind of under the hood bug.

copy on the clips tab.

The surface tool is gone in that third layer. I couldn’t find any information in the manual about the Mocha camera plane. I deleted the layer just try and get to the bottom of this. The remaining layers look good except the clips don’t show up in the clip window. If I choose them in the clip tab, they do show up in the clip window but when I go back to “input” in the clip window, they’re gone…even when I import new versions of the clips. This is only one instance of the plugin. The next instance on my Avid timeline does not have this problem.

OK, thank you, is the clip interlaced? Can you try it on a progressive clip/timeline and see if that fixes the issue? Currently, we are seeing some problems with the Mocha Pro plugin inside Avid with interlaced footage and this might be related to that.


Actually, the Avid project is Progressive and the insert clips are all single frame, still image files, .png I believe.

Also, the adjust track seems to be changing keyframes other than the one I’m working on. With Adjust track, I try to start at the beginning and play forward till I find a good spot to do an adjust. I’ll create a keyframe manually and then make the adjust. Then later after I get to a rough spot where the clip doesn’t want to follow my input very easily, I’ll get it all lined up and then scroll backwards and the whole adjust has been thrown off in front of the latest keyframe.

Is Mocha limitetd in its abilities for certain uses? Are there situations where a point tracker would work better, like animation?


Hi Blake,

In general, Mocha is a much better tracker than a point tracker, so if you’re not getting good results it is because you might be telling Mocha to look at the wrong texture, or unknowingly have a contaminating texture in your Mocha spline. At this point, I would have to see your shot. Since the project is progressive, it sounds like a bad track and that is causing these issues. Can you please email me at MaryP at Boris FX dot com?


Ok. Will do.