Inserted image shaking and moving in the Insert Module

I am trying to insert my clean plate using the insert module but the clean plate keeps moving behind the insert. The track is good and the clean plate is just a still frame. The surface tool (and grid) seems to be moving too. Not sure how to prevent this. I tried adjust track but that seems to make things worse. I am missing something really simple here. I’ve been trying to solve this for the last ten days. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.

So it sounds like your track isn’t very solid. The insert module, like all modules, is dependant on the track AND on layer order. Sounds like you have a layer above the insert that is causing problems OR you keep switching between views in the viewer dropdown menu.

For the insert track, the surface tool is the track, so if it’s jumping around, that means the track is bad. I’d retrack the layer, use adjust track with points you can absolutely find throughout the shot, and then try the insert again.

I might need to see the shot to give you better advice, but that’s what my advice is sight unseen.


Mary, I will post screen shots and clips shortly. Thanks.

Here is the shot. I am trying to replace the red banner in the background. Notice the inserted clean plate is slipping to the right however the insert itself is solid. It is as though the clean plate is slipping behind the insert. I have also included the clean plate and the screen grab.

OK, that’s a bad track. You need to use the edges of the banner in order to grab onto the banner, there’s not a lot of good texture there to track. Also, you need to probably use manual track to get through the most occluded sections of the banner track. Make sure you mask out the objects that move in front of the banner and move those layers ABOVE the banner track layer so they are held out from the banner track below.

See this tutorial on tracking occluded objects: Boris FX | Mocha Tips: How to Track Occluded Objects

That should help! Let me know.


Okay…so I carefully followed the video and reviewed other videos on this matter. I am still missing something because this is worse than before. I hand tracked most of the shot and I am still getting sliding. I have provided another folder with the result and screen shots plus a screen capture of the track with the grid on.

The video you sent doesn’t include the original clip, so I can’t see how it is lining up.

But try also making your insert cropped to the size and aspect ratio of the sign and use the surface tool and adjust track to fix any sliding problems, which you can do while looking at the insert with this method.

See more about adjust track here: Boris FX | Getting Started with Mocha – 03 – Simple Screen Inserts

Got it. Success! And the director has approved the shot. Next time I just have to remember that getting a good track is key to success. Thank you Mary.

Yes, that’s the absolute most important thing in Mocha, the track must be good or things like insert, remove, and stabilize (which are based on the track) are just not going to give you good results. I am so glad you got it sorted out and approved!