Inserted OU video layer not recognized as 3D

I am unable to find the settings to get Mocha VR to understand an imported video layer is Over Under stereoscopic … I am using the Mocha VR plug in, Mocha understood that background layer coming from Media composer was over-under 360 video (i.e defaultd to show me Left eye, but easily switched to 3D and view as anaglyph in teh 360 view) but when insert a new OU layer (its to be used as a matte essentially - it isn’t 360 its 1920x1080 but stereoscopic Over Under ) I can’t find the way to set Mocha VR to understand this is stereoscopic OU (i.e. I see the top/bottom as if viewing stereoscopic media in a 2D viewer matted into my steresocopic 3D background) … I imagine this is a simple button somewhere I’m missing?

Hi there,

By default, the Insert layer in the Mocha VR GUI applies a mono image to both stereo views, i.e The insert will not be interpreted as stereo. There is no way to change this for the insert pulled from the host.

if you want to interpret the insert as stereo instead, you can import it via the Mocha GUI instead, either via the clip module or the layer properties, then in the clip module, go to “view mapping” and set the type.

Ah… I new there must be a simple solution - thanks