Inserted video not showing on time line

Hello everyone.

I am using Mocha pro plugin and Vegas pro 20. I made a track and when I insert a image it shows up on the Vegas timeline, However if I replace the image with a video it does not show on the Vegas timeline. I have included a link with a short video showing what is happening. Any suggestions?..Thank you

Hi, yep it won’t load a video file as the insert,
Either add the video to the track above your video in Vegas, make it the parent of the track below, then from Composite add Mocha & do as you’ve been doing but choose Insert layer,
Or render out from Vegas as an Image Sequence the video you want to add as an insert in Mocha. in Mocha as you’ve been doing - import, just choose the first image 000000, that will then play as a video, but you’ll only have the image, no sound,