Inserting additional points deforms previous keyframes

Hello, I’m using Mocha Pro 2021 standalone v8.0.3

I’m trying to track a mask frame-by-frame by manually shaping each keyframe, inserting additional points where necessary. I know inserting points on later keyframes makes those points appear on previous keyframes too… ofcourse retaining the shapes of those previous keyframes. At least that’s what happens in Premiere/AE.

But in Mocha, inserting additional points on later keyframes deforms the previous keyframes.

Here is a simple example.
This is how I want the first frame’s keyframe to look like:

In the 2nd frame, I insert additional points:

Now going back to the 1st frame, it becomes like this:

This is a major headache with complex shapes that have hundreds of points. You spend hours shaping each keyframe… only to find out at the end that all the previous keyframes are now deformed because of inserting additional points on the later keyframes.

Is there any way to retain the exact shape of keyframes even after inserting additional points?

Thank you.

The main issue here is that we have to calculate the position of the point back to an averaged position on the spline between the originally create points.
When you’re using a relaxed curve weight like the example you posted, it’s difficult to predict an exact match to the original shaping.

One thing you can do is disable the points at the position you don’t need them anymore by right-clicking and choosing “Deactivate”.
The downside to this is it’s only helpful if you’re rendering the matte, as most hosts don’t support deactivated points in their data formats.

Another option of course is to add layers on TOP of the original layer when detail becomes complicated and turning off or moving the second layer where you no longer need it.