Inserting Clip problem

Hey guys,

I’m working at university on a project using monet. I’ve been tracking the whole weekend now, yesterday I started inserting clips. The first one was fine, but today when I opened the second part (saved in another project) the following problem occured: On tab ROI I click on Import, show the path to my clip I want to insert (TIF sequence), follow the wizard. At the last page of the wizard, I already see the first frame of the clip. But when I hit Finish, this frame disapears, instead the last frame is shown. And I can’t change it anymore, the sequence doesn’t play as it should, instead the last frame of the imported sequence is displayed in all frames.

Any suggestions?

Thx in advance.

solved the problem myself. took quite a time to figure out the actual mistake I made.

When importing the Insert Clip, in the last step I always missed the Frame Offset field, because I’m working just on a third of the imported frames, starting at frame 150, the Insert Clip is about 120 frames, so on frame 150 it already has finished and showed the last frame. Human error :slight_smile:

Thx anyway for this nice piece of software.