Inserts will disappear

Every now and then my inserts will disappear and then I can’t import anything - the grid, the logo, nothing comes in anymore.

What is going on?


Can you add some specifics so we can help narrow it down? I’ve never heard of this happening before.

  • Mocha Pro version
  • Standalone or Plugin?
  • Project set up
  • System
  • Etc

Hi Martin,

Mocha Pro plugin for AE
V 5.6.0

I’ll be working, then I’ll jump to a different layer or something and my insert will just disappear.

I can’t bring up the logo or the grid. I’ve tried reimporting, nothing works. I have to completely start over and just be very careful not to make Mocha angry.


It’s almost certainly that the surface is going behind the camera. Try making the insert tool smaller and making sure it doesn’t shift too much in perspective. You might have to turn perspective off when you track an retrack the section where it is disappearing.

Thank you Mary. I will try that.

But there isn’t a section where it disappears. Once it’s gone it’s gone. After that I can’t bring in anything.

And my, you’re up early.


Yeah, my hours are sometimes variable depending on what meetings I have to get to. But yes, that’s not uncommon to have the surface disappear and stay gone when the track goes haywire. It’s an internal math issue, and so it can have effects that continue to display incorrectly once the snag is hit.