Installed 2021. when using plugin in premier pro crashes/hangs system


I installed the 2021. (I uninstalled my 2020 paint plugin. )

When using as a plugin inside adobe premire pro it just hangs. system reports silouette and premire pro with red not responding alerts. spinning beach ball. mac os x 10.15.7. macboook pro 16 i9, 5600m graphics. premiere pro and after effects latest versions.

I only have a silouette paint licence.

solved it sort of. but then went hangs again. uninstall, reinstall made it not hang. but then relaunch it hangs again… not sure why

Can you record a video showing what is happening when it hangs?

I think I got it working again. deleted Premiere pro preferences and cache. reopened project and this time Siluette plugin opened. Is there a place Borris Effects Silouette plugins has a cache or preferences that needs to be deleted in case of issues such as this?

Thanks for any info.

Glad you got it working.

The Silhouette preferences are stored in the following locations and can be reset by following the directions below.


  • Go to /Home/Library/Preferences
  • Delete any .plist file named Silhouette.


  • Press the Windows Key+R and click OK
  • Delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BorisFX\Silhouette registry entry

My 6 run attempts of Silhouette plug-in with Adobe Premiere have all resulted in a Premiere freeze with forced “End Task” being the only exit.
The Silhouette documentation states:

(Render Button) Grayed out when the plug-in is first applied, Render determines which node in the Silhouette project gets rendered and will automatically be enabled during project creation.

The Render Button always stays grayed out in my system.

I have documented one run attempt with screen shots, added notes and questions - ref attached document.

Silhouette-issue-screenshots_v02.pdf (942.4 KB)

Summarizing my questions here:

What is the data transfer process from a complete Silhouette session, back into Adobe Premiere?
A: a full render to disk of an intermediate video or image sequence?
B: a metadata render to disk of an intermediate video, file, or files containing howto change information like masks?
C: in-memory render?
D: in-memory metadata?
E: something else?

On completing work on an effect node in Silhouette, how do we return to Adobe Premiere? Is it simply switch windows or is there a particular action required e.g. configuration of an output node? Have I missed something simple like a “Done” button or a “Return to Host” button?

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.19042 ie up to date.
Hardware upgraded in Dec 2020:
CPU: Intel i7 - 10700
RAM: 32 GB of DDR4
Motherboard: Gigabyte B460M DS3H AC
Video Card: Asus NVidia GeForce GTX1650-Super
Drives: 250 GB and 500 GB both SSD
This hardware is running multimedia and software development apps reliably and well.

I am here as an aspiring indie film-maker. My current project is a co-operative no-budget satirical mock epic filmed mostly in one room with a green screen. Hence the interest in Silhouette.

I have tried this for one of my run attempts. It gave the same Premiere freeze result.

Welcome [quote=“, post:5, topic:11219”]
Thanks for the detailed document you provided. I believe the source of your difficulties lies in you not closing Silhouette.

So, a couple of things…

  1. If Silhouette is open, PPro will appear unresponsive until Silhouette is closed.
  2. The Render parameter in Silhouette the plug-in parameters is set after you create a project, save the project and exit Silhouette.

Once you have done your work in Silhouette, select File > Exit and render the result in PPro.

The proper workflow for rendering is outlined on page 318 of the user guide and pasted below for your convenience:

Rendering > Plug-in
An Output node that does not have an output file path is automatically created and inserted at the bottom of the tree at the time of project creation. If multiple output nodes are present, the host application will use the first Output node it finds that does not have an output path set. Otherwise, it’ll use the first Output node.

  1. If one does not exist, add an Output node after the nodes that you would like to render in the Trees window.
  2. Exit Silhouette and return to the host application.
  3. Render using the host application’s rendering system.

As far as which zMatte output to use , that will depend on whether you have a background. In your screenshots, you are not using a background, so use the left (main) output. This will send a RGBA result to PPro and you can do the composite in PPro.

Thank you! That is working for me.