Installed 2021. when using plugin in premier pro crashes/hangs system


I installed the 2021. (I uninstalled my 2020 paint plugin. )

When using as a plugin inside adobe premire pro it just hangs. system reports silouette and premire pro with red not responding alerts. spinning beach ball. mac os x 10.15.7. macboook pro 16 i9, 5600m graphics. premiere pro and after effects latest versions.

I only have a silouette paint licence.

solved it sort of. but then went hangs again. uninstall, reinstall made it not hang. but then relaunch it hangs again… not sure why

Can you record a video showing what is happening when it hangs?

I think I got it working again. deleted Premiere pro preferences and cache. reopened project and this time Siluette plugin opened. Is there a place Borris Effects Silouette plugins has a cache or preferences that needs to be deleted in case of issues such as this?

Thanks for any info.

Glad you got it working.

The Silhouette preferences are stored in the following locations and can be reset by following the directions below.


  • Go to /Home/Library/Preferences
  • Delete any .plist file named Silhouette.


  • Press the Windows Key+R and click OK
  • Delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BorisFX\Silhouette registry entry