Installer crash, cannot install Continuum on Mac

Hi! need help!

Bought Continuum plugin for adobe on Mac(iMac 2017 32 gig ram), but installer keeps crashing. Seen same problem here in forum but no solution. It kind of sucks when you pay for a product that won’t install.


Hi Marcus,

I’m sorry to hear about this - have you attempted to contact support? They typically respond fairly rapidly.

What version of MacOS are you using? Did you download the installer from our website? Have you tried redownloading the installer to ensure that it downloaded correctly? Did you disable any anti-viral software before installing?

I’ve cc’d them on this response.


Hi Peter!

  1. I tried filling out the contact form on the support page but it gave me an error notice and said to mail support instead, but I couldn’t get an email adress so that’s why I tried my luck here.

2.I downloaded the installer from BorisFxs website.

  1. I have tried to redownload and reinstall multiple times but no success.

  2. I didn’t have any antivirus software active.

  3. I tried uppdating my OS to “Big Sur” but still no luck.

Thank you for your quick response.!


Thanks Markus … I’m sure that must be frustrating. We do not officially support Mac OS Big Sur just yet with Continuum - it should work, but there may be issues that we don’t know about. I’ll push this over to support and ask them to reach out to you to see if they can offer any assistance or guidance.

Hi Again, Im sad to say I have not been contacted by boris support for about 30 days now.

I kind of want to use the software I bought.


Hi, Markus,

Have you tried the v14.0.1 update for Continuum 2021 that was released just before the holidays? Does it give you the same problem?

No there is still version 13.5.1 There should be a YT show today but it is delayed?

My Continuum installer is still not working 8 months later, I have tried with the Continuum 2021.5 version and it is the same result.

How long before I can actually use the product I have bought?

Is 8 months reasonable? And I havent been contaced by support either.

please help.


Hi Markus,

There is no known reason for the Continuum installer to crash on your Mac. If you have downloaded it from the website then you should have the official installer and that has gone through a very thorough QA process and is know to work.

May I suggest that you file a new support ticket so that our techs can walk you through the process - if they can see it crashing on your system then they will know how to push past this and make it work for you.