Installing BCC Key & Blend 11 de-activates BCC 3D Objects 10



I have BCC 3D Objects v. 10, which was sold in bundle with Vegas Pro Edit 15.
Recently I upgraded to Vegas Pro Edit 16, which is bundled with BCC Key & Blend 11.
Vegas pro 16 recognizes and can use the previously installed BCC 3D Objects v. 10, but when I install BCC Key & Blend 11, then BCC 3D Objects v. 10 is de-activated and can’t be used any more.
This is obviously not really acceptable by a customer who paid for it.
Is there any work-around or suggested way to have BCC 3D Objects v. 10 still working after I install BCC Key & Blend 11 ?



Hello Roberto,

What you are seeing is a fact of life - the issue is that two separate and distinct versions of Continuum cannot exist simultaneously in the host. You’re trying to mix in the same host environment filters from BCC v.10 and v.11, which is not possible. I’d suggest having a discussion with sales to understand what the next step for you is but from a product standpoint, this is expected and correct behavior. You can reach sales via email at or by phone at 1 888 77 BORIS.




thanks for the reply.

Sales team has provided a solution and now I can use both the Continuum units.