Instant error when using certain FX in Premiere

this is the error i get:
A low-level exception occured in: AES_Glare (GPUVideoFitler: Render)
it actually says f i T L er not filter lol

When i apply certain effects on a clip or image in Premiere,
as soon as i try to change any parameter i instanty get an error,
all playback of Premiere stops working, i have to remove the effect and reopen the program or else nothing works.

effects that give me this problem are: S_EdgeColorize, S_EdgeRays, S_Glare
and i am sure many more these are the first 2 i just tested and it happened.
some (like TV damage / film roll) work perfectly fine …

Is there a Solution for this ? i rly hope so, id love to use all the FX without Premiere constantly crashing, …

FYI i payed for both premiere and sapphire so its all official and up to date.

My pc is good, win10, 32gb ram, gtx1070, some 300€ processor 6 months old…

This seems like a GPU issue, which on Windows usually means video driver. See if there’s an updated driver, possibly from

Overall, this is a real serious support issue. We always want to make sure you have a working product! Please fill out a support ticket @ Boris FX | Open a Case and we can solve this problem.

Hi Alan:

Thanks for having me be a part of the group. If you start another group please let me know. Thanks and be safe.