Instruction manual for Boris Title Studio

Hi - I’ve been through various short videos for Title Studio and the wider Continuum package, but can anyone point me to the full manual so I can properly read up on everything? I can’t seem to find it.

Hello Simon,
Sorry this is not a direct answer to your question. Hopefully someone else will chip in with one.
I am seriously considering creating a bunch of short tutorials on getting started with Title Studio, They would be at a total beginners level. Using my “before you can run you have to learn to walk. Before you can walk you have to begin to crawl.” Many, not all, tutorials begin from the walking stage. I design mine to be at the crawling level!
I am interested in hearing directly from you as to which parts of Title Studio you would need help with.
I am also interested in getting feedback from others who are just starting to crawl in Title Studio.
Please email me directly at and proclaim your interest in giving me feedback.
Thank you

The written documentation for Title Studio is available here:


Hi Douglas - thanks for this, I was previously a regular viewer of your extremely helpful Avid tutorials for which I was very grateful in the past.

The trouble with this plugin is the little things that are so terribly annoying: things that never used to happen in the old Avid FX which I was clinging to for a very long time until I couldn’t anymore.

One thing is the automatic application of a texture to everything you try to do. About 99.9% of everything I’ll want to do will be totally flat and there’s no tutorial on how to get rid of it but after about 2 hours, I found the answer, buried in Material Attributes. Every darn thing I ever import or create, I have to go there first.

Today I’m trying to figure out a few things: trying to get items to snap to a guideline… just can’t get it to work. The guideline has seemingly no effect even with everything enabled under the Preview menu.

Another thing, I’d like to do block colour backgrounds for some lower thirds text - pretty common thing really. I finally figured out it’s the Backdrop function in the second layer, not the layer function which I also tried. But then how to change its colour - that’s in a texture-rectangle, several layers below that. And aligning two lines of text that include this colour blocked background can seemingly only be done by sight. In Premiere I know the entire title could be achieved in under 10s.

On the highest preview quality, when I zoom in, everything goes pixellated… I lose resolution. Never happened in Avid FX. Same system, same graphics card.

Trying to move the comp around means having to go to the hand symbol, reposition the comp, then click back on the arrow. Why can’t we have the same keyboard shortcut that Avid has in the Record monitor? So laborious.

Sometimes when I try to move keyframes in existing titles, there’s a rather odd flash of a few frames of white tinged with blue that appears. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why. Usually I end up rebuilding the title to fix it.

I could go on… every day there’s something new. I assume the full functionality of the software is documented somewhere, it’d just be great to be able to access it!

Anything you explain Douglas I know will be straightforward and uncomplicated so if you have some thoughts, I’ll be ready to listen!

Best wishes

Certainly a useful guide Jason, thank-you - but is there not an actual manual which has every last function documented that can be searched? For instance, my difficulties with the backdrop function… I’m guessing there must be a documented paragraph somewhere on how that works as part of the product’s full instructions?

Hi Simon, I thought I’d chime in with some answers to your questions. I put together a quick video walking you through my basic workflow tips for changing textures, working with guides, backdrops, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

In terms of the zoom issue, where you noticed that at max zoom it was pixelated, I do see that on my end, so I’ll log that in our database for review.

The flash of blue you’re mentioning can occur when a texture track is offset from the main shape track. Make sure that when you’re adjusting keyframes, your Shape Track and Material track begin and end on the same keyframe. They should normally be automatically linked, but again, if you see that blue texture flash, that could be the issue.

I uploaded the tutorial here: TS Tutorial sample - YouTube


Vincent, sorry for the delay in responding as I didn’t get the notification. This is extremely helpful of you, thank-you. I notice that you’re using a slightly more recent version of the software so I’ll go ahead and upgrade it first of all and see if any improvements.
Some of your workflow pointers are most welcome. When I’ve upgraded I’ll see how it all comes together - trying to get two lines of backdropped text to align exactly being my most pressing difficulty.
Many thanks again

Hi Vincent,
I’ve done the upgrade but I still cannot see how it’s possible to line up two lines of backdropped text. It’s always a pixel or two out, beyond the fine adjustments available. Can you offer any advice on this?

Hi Simon,

Backdrops are generated based on the shape of the text bitmap so even though two lines of text may be the same length, there could be subtle minor differences. Have you thought about using a spline shape instead? This may give you more control over the look and shape.

You could:

  1. Create a Text Track
  2. Create a spline object below the text track to act as the backdrop
  3. Place the Text and Spline in a 3D Container
  4. Duplicate the 3D Container to create an identical Text and Backdrop
  5. Change the text in the 2nd container.
  6. Adjust the position of Container 1 and Container 2.

Because the Text and Spline are held in a container, adjusting the position of the container will move the Text and Spline as one. This may make it easier to adjust their respective positioning while removing the issue of subtle differences in backdrops.

Let me know if this works with your workflow. I’d be happy to put together a quick video walkthrough if needed.


Hi Vincent,
Yes, this workaround will do just fine. Perhaps I hoped that this Backdrop function would do more than it’s set up to do.
Thanks again.