Interesting effect, any thoughts?

Hi, i saw this & thought that was interesting, a bit like a Bokeh but with a shape,
S_ DefocusPrism & S_RackDefocus create nice Bokeh where the bokeh can be reduced to hollow out the centre leaving an outline of the Hexagon, both fxs have a Show Shape option, I wonder if personalised shapes could be added as an option?
Or if there’s another fx that would create this?

PS a couple of the Continuum filters like Lens Blur OBS have the option to Load Preset, but they’re BSP files, no idea how to create those
PPS :joy: I tried creating a BSP with Title Studio but Preset - Load option in BCC Lens Blur OBS says nope,

Try S_Convolve. You can input any custom lens shape and rack defocus into that custom shape from the highlights.


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Thankyou, i had a play with that, bit difficult to get it to overlay on the orig pic, white wasn’t too bad but any colour seems to affect the whole pic to a degree darkening it, even with the Highlight Threshold adjusted, certainly an interesting effect tho & i’ll spend more time with it, :+1:

I tried adding RGB filters to the white one to try get the rainbow effect, hmm still working on that?

PS, i was thinking the glasses that make the orig effect it’s poss a prism so… I added BCC+Prism :grin::+1: